Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project II: My Daughter's Bedroom

Every time I look into my 10 year old daughter's bedroom, I'm overcome with guilt. How did I let it get this bad, and how can I have allowed it to remain this way for so long? Though I tell her to "clean up her room", I know very well that she's not equipped to deal with this mess alone. Her room is small and she has lots of stuff. The space is not used efficiently, and we cannot expect this room to be all things for her. And this is also a project we have to do together. I cannot and should not sort and purge her things without her, and I want us to come up with a plan for her room together.

Sometimes when a task looks so overwhelming, it's best to start with the low hanging fruit, something easy that will give an immediate result and give you hope that it's not an impossible task. So, we decided to go through and organize all her clothes and fix her bed up. After about an hour of serious effort, we had a big pile of clothes outside the door to give away, the drawers of her chest organized and shut, and clean flannel sheets and comforter cover on the bed. There's still lots to do, but I can actually walk to her bed and tuck her in without stepping on anything.

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