Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The First Road Block

I had planned to take trip to the Container Store today to consult with the Elfa closet organizing wizard, but it was snowing, sleeting, icing and generally not fit for man nor beast to venture outside. There was a two hour school delay, but the kids did eventually go. Not to be thwarted by the weather, I decided to try the online closet design option.

I dutifully entered all the information I had gathered into the online form, and then called the number listed for the consultation. A very nice lady named Carol looked over the information, clarified what I wanted and told me she would email the design to me later in the day. Fantastic!

True to her word, a few hours later I received an email stating the design was done. Here is the design she came up with:

You might notice that there is only a hanging rod for short clothes, and nothing for say, dresses. I'm not a big dress up girl, but I do have a few and have been known to wear one on occaision. There was nothing in the plan for shoes, either. This design was not going to work for me. Not ready to give in to my growing disappointment, I called up to discuss and got a very nice man with a southern accent, who after a few rounds, said there wasn't really any way to accommodate long hanging clothes in this closet.

So, like Dorothy who went to the Wizard and found not much help, I'm just going to have to go figure it out for myself.

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