Monday, January 19, 2009

Project I Complete!

Closet accomplished!

I can hardly believe how much more space I got out of this project. Not only did I get all my winter and summer hanging clothes in, but ALL my clothes except one shelf in the armoire of heavy sweaters. Plus, it's not crowded and should I choose to buy a dress or two, there is still room to hang them. That leaves a big plastic box on wheels, a chest of drawers and a lingerie chest empty and ready for use in another room. And, our bedroom, when I get to that project, will be less crowded with furniture.

If you look at my original closet picture you might notice that a few items did not make it back into the closet: the vacuum cleaner, old Christmas wrapping paper, the pink corduroys and the white wire drawers. The vacuum cleaner and the drawers have found a new and better place in the house, and the wrapping paper and cords are gone.

This project took me about ten hours stretched over two weeks. That does not include web surfing and reading books for ideas on what to do with the space or how to do it. But it does include sorting through all the stuff, shopping, hanging the rods and shelves, putting together the cubbies and the Container Store/Elfa wild goose chase.

The total cost which included hardware, a stud finder, a large measuring stick with a level, and the Ikea shelving unit was $178.98. That's not bad considering the Container Store quoted me $388.13 for their impractical design.

Now my only question is why didn't I do this years ago?

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  1. Beautiful work, Merry! I wanted to say about your daughter's room - I think she has too much stuff - it's never going to stay tidy unless you declutter too.

    Thanks for playing along with the Friday Declutter challenge